Do you like puppets?

We have been asking this question for 25 years and now we know very well that yes, you do. Since the first year we organized the International Istanbul Puppet Festival, which opened its curtains for the 24th time this year, groups from all over the world have presented thousands of shows, and that the art of puppetry has developed and flourished in Turkey, finding new ways and advancing with new creators. Of course, this was the thing that made us happiest.

The 24th International Istanbul Puppet Festival hosts puppet artists from Turkey, Uzbekistan, Czechia, Germany, Hungary and Spain this year. Shows, exchanges, workshop events that will meet with the audience in venues such as Akbank Sanat, Cengiz Ozek Puppet Studio, Tatavla Stage, Mall of Istanbul and Torium AVM will turn Istanbul into a meeting point for puppets in October.

This year, we also have a surprise… Our International Puppet Festival will also meet with the audience in Antalya and Bursa this year. We invite puppet lovers of all ages to the free shows that will take place at Mall of Antalya in Antalya and Korupark AVM in Bursa.

We will celebrate our 25th anniversary next year. A quarter of a century is not easy. In our country where Karagöz has been living for more than 500 years, maybe a quarter of a century is nothing, but it is an important period in human life. Let’s see what surprises we will come to you in the 25th year. Until then, please keep loving the puppets.

Cengiz Özek
Artistic Director